CHRONOS d.o.o.
Company for economic services

Stjepana Radića br. 4.
72000 Zenica, Bosna i Hercegovina Essential elements for window cleaning nyc simonswindows.com.

Phone & e-mail

tel 032 44 27 50
fax 032 44 27 51

e-mail: sanelaa@bih.net.ba


Activity work is divided as follows:

• Business counselling during the establishment of a company
with prior aim of healthy start of work, with optimal combination of all available resources – equipment, funds, and human resources.

• Accountant and bookkeeping services
means complete or partial provision of accounting or bookkeeping services, depending on client needs.
Complete «package» of services consists of organizing and performance of whole financial and accountant service of a company (accounting, liquidation, financial transactions, bookkeeping, balance, personnel), and partial «package» is concerned to dealing with one or more of these segments.

• Financial counselling
is understood as counselling at a stage where client does not have satisfactory ratio of liquidity or solvency, i.e. when it needs additional funds from external resources. Support is concerned to finding of financial sources; processing of required application, and preparation of documents for institution who approves funds; and follow-up of expenditure and recurrence of funds.

• Consultant services in area of taxation and bookkeeping
applies when company has organized bookkeeping and other essential services, and counselling is needed on taxation, bookkeeping and preparation of annual account, etc.

• Liquidation of companies and individual entrepreneurs
means organization and performance of procedure which results in withdrawal from suitable registers (companies and individual entrepreneurs).

• Trening program
for company and employers for accounting, financial, bookkeeping, taxes, management.

• Auditing
In cooperation with Audit Company AREAS Ltd. Zenica we provide consultancy services in an audit process for companies.