CHRONOS d.o.o.
Company for economic services

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e-mail: sanelaa@bih.net.ba


The name Chronos comes from the Greek word "khronos" which means time. The information flow and demands of the twenty-first century require that we find more efficient ways to utilize time, our most precious resource. Einstein suggested that Time Dilation (which happens when objects approach the speed of light) is the only way to slow down time. Since this is not feasible, Chronos aims to give people back more seconds, minutes and hours in their day by providing effective time and contact management solutions.


About US


Company for economic services Chronos Ltd. Zenica is registered in August 2003, and is the successor of the Accountant firm, founded in 1997.

Chronos Ltd. is aimed to provide quality services of establishing, and organizing, as well as accounting and bookkeeping, to small and medium enterprises – companies, individual entrepreneurs, non-governmental organisations, and other interested institutions and individuals.

In addition to these primary and major activities, company deals with business consulting, either combined or not with accountant services.

Business consulting is concerned to advisory services in a process of establishment of an business whether it is a company or individual entrepreneur; obtaining of funds; dynamic of distribution  of funds and other means of a company; internal organization of work (and resources); provision of different permissions for start of work, counselling and assisting during selection and employment of staff in terms of number and qualification of employees, development of policies and other documents, such as contracts, decisions, etc.

In a few words, aim is to «follow-up» a client, its business and solving of particular and specific problems in the area of economic sphere. 

Purpose of such all-inclusive approach to the client is provision of full service, from the most important stage – start up, to a liquidation and withdrawal from suitable registers.